The Truth As I See it...

The Truth As I’ve Seen It…

The Truth can feel hard for me to deliver, especially when I see repercussions ahead that aren’t yet visible but that are the effect of our present choices and decisions. I’m going to share what I saw, the way I saw it and based on what I’ve seen the power is in us.

Just until you finish reading, forget about gender, race, religion, sexuality, financial status, political affiliation, nationality, education level. What’s left?

Truth Is The Central Piece

Enter Inside My Head…

When I stopped seeing the ways we are taught to be divided, several powerful things happened:

  1. I realized just how bombarded I was by the intense energy of division
  2. I recognized it’s hard to navigate beneath that inundation of chaos
  3. I tapped into the core of Humanity

At the core of Humanity I experienced immense compassion, deep respect, and witnessed globally the same underlying desires for health and well being. The same needs to feel safe, secure and protected. The core goodness of humanity was all that was left underneath the storm of chaos, division and anger.

And in that place was Truth. A Truth unlike anything I’d ever experienced. There were no lies, no manipulation, no ugliness, no vileness, no fear, no desperation, no denial.

Nothing was hidden – Everything was revealed and open.

Because nothing was hidden – there was room for harmony. All the disharmony related back to the divisions. Divisions that were taught, learned, conditioned into the fabric of thinking.

Then, the roads separated –

Which Path Will We Choose?

I saw the path of least resistance. I saw the trajectory of where we are based on this precise moment. I saw what was needed to redirect course onto the path of an optimal outcome.

And in that moment I was overcome with the most sacred feeling I’ve ever experienced – I saw the steps it would take to shift gears, I felt the power of the collective of Humanity, I KNEW it could be accomplished. And then, I experienced the awe of being one member of the collective of Humanity.

Truth was the bridge to the path of an optimal outcome

Truth Is The Path

Truth was the path toward freedom from all the divisiveness. Truth was the way to unlock the distortions in perception. Truth was the clarity that was missing on the other roads.

Truth about the inherent value of each member of Humanity. Truth that each and everyone of us is as valuable as the next. Truth that all of us are different from each other to enhance the collective – that what makes us different, makes us essential.

Truth that the power to create positive change is within every one of us.

Truth that the real differences are inherent within us – all of them rooted inside. Each one a key to a new and better way forward. How we think, what we feel and how we perceive possibilities are all unique to each person. Not from the perspective of our learned differences, but from the core purity inside our souls. Inside that place, within each person was a solution to a better way today for all of Humanity.

But it would require a few things inside ourselves to get there. It would take willingness to look within where the Truth was absent, so it could have room to breath. It would require awareness to recognize the distortions in our perceptions. It would entail an acceptance of the value of every human being, and hardest of all – would be revealing what was disguised in hate – Respect.

Respect had become so distorted by hate that it no longer carried the energy of respect…and along with it, Love was even more warped. The energies of both had become so mutated that purifying them would take a concerted and combined effort by all of us.

Respect for oneself needed to be redefined, along with respect for others, respect for the earth which sustains us, respect for nature, respect for our similarities and respect for our differences. Respect was the key that would guide us toward Truth because it called on us to show up different, not only inside ourselves in how we treat ourselves but more importantly in how we respond to life externally outside ourselves.

To understand Respect would require us to stretch beyond the truth as we have long understood it. Individually and collectively we would need to be willing to accept what had not been accepted and to reject what had long been accepted. THAT would be the essential step.

The Truth didn’t look like the truth we believe. There were many distortions in our perceptions, too many in fact. Because I can see patterns, and patterns within patterns – I could see there was stark contrast between our perceptions and the Truth. I saw the purity within each person and felt the immense power of our collective energy combined. It was a force to be reckoned with. I saw it. I felt it. I KNOW it.

It felt like a tall order – and just as I was encapsulated by the immersion of this possibility – I asked this question, “What can I do to bring this to fruition? What action can I take to fuel this reality?”

Be You. Lead through example and Share.

So I’m sharing this and I will continue as often as possible to share the Truth as it is revealed to me. But please keep reading because there is more…

Thought For Consideration

HatLook at the photograph to the right.

  • What do you think about it?
  • How does it feel to you?
  • Can you have respect for the person who once wore it?


This picture is from WWII. The leather hat belonged to a Japanese Kamikaze pilot who hit the Battleship Missouri. Does knowing that change how you feel about the hat? Did it trigger an emotional response?

Having respect for this person isn’t about denying how many lives were lost because of his actions. Instead, it means recognizing the Truth. His desire to protect his family and nation was the same as the people who he bombed.

Everyday numerous innocent lives are lost on our planet because people kill others to protect themselves. Death as a measure of protection does not provide safety or security. It breeds fear, division and war. Instead of fighting to defend, imagine if our world was a safe place. Imagine our differences being respected because they existed.

(This is an example of what it means to accept what has not been accepted and to reject what has long been accepted.)

Will You Join Me?

So, here’s where I need your help. I’ve seen what it’s gonna take to create a massive shift, and I KNOW it’s possible. It requires us to join forces and share our skills and abilities for the betterment of us ALL, but in a way that opens brand new energies to take root on the planet.

I need as many people who are willing to be Stewards for Humanity as possible. Learn about our Stewards for Humanity. And join us!