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This Was So Embarrassing…

This Was So Embarrassing…

Picture this, we’re sitting face to face, deep in the trenches of a private session, the pieces are connecting and all of a sudden we’re startled because we hear the door creak as it slowly opens. No it’s not a ghost! Instead, someone’s telling us our time is up, they need the room.

OMG! Major schedule snafu. Improvise. ASAP!!

Flying by the seat of my pants I realize there’s a stoop outside. Surely not glamorous. Definitely not ideal. Other options? Nope, this has to be quick we’re at a crucial point and I’m not gonna leave ya hanging!

Thank God it’s not raining! I’m breaking a sweat, embarrassed and horrified as I pack-up. We head outside toward the cold cement stoop. Pick up right where we left off and finish the session. It was a unique one for sure!

This is a true story that happened, but what occurred later floored me…

Over a year later I received an invite to the 1st anniversary of a yoga studio but she was unsure if I remembered her (as if I’d ever forget her!) Turned out that sessionwas instrumental in its birth. Now, she’s moved into a larger space and is celebrating her 5 year anniversary!

Why Share This Embarrassing Story?

Because it gave me awareness I didn’t know I didn’t have. I had a blindspot.

I determined the quality of that session based on the upheaval of the environment and a mistake that was outside my control, instead of the quality of what was provided. My assessment of the value was completely wrong! 

Without awareness of how I was assessing the information, I couldn’t accept something I didn’t know I was rejecting. Have you ever missed the mark on the value of something you shared? Do you know what criteria you use to determine your value, self-worth or importance in the world?

It was an eye-opener for me!

Drum Roll…please

And now…I’m super excited to announce the launch of our brand new series ABCs of Your Soul™. Of course, it’s jam-packed with tools to develop awareness of blindspots so you can make better choices & have healthier communication. Psst, the first workshop is at her new location in Harleysville, PA on Monday, June 26 from 6-8 pm!


Who Is She???

Meet Kathy Tooley, the proud owner of Anahata Yoga & Wellness. With an indomitable spirit to go with the flow, she’s changing the world one yoga class and Reiki session at a time. Kathy was recently spotlighted for Yoga Nidra on NBC10 News. Kudos!

Until next time – laugh, love and be you! The world needs your uniqueness!!!!

With Love & Laughter,


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  1. Hello! I am excited to say I was able to attend the June 26th meeting with Christi, ABCs of Your Soul, at Anahata. The room was packed full of energy and was practically standing room only. Christi’s own energy was unsurpassed as she *ran* first from one side of the room, then to the other, in an effort to encompass each person’s soul journey in the allotted time frame. Remarkable!