Tuesday’s Tip: Learning About Prayer From Spirit’s Perspective

Always With YouWhat Is A Prayer?

It is a request of the Divine Realms in many ways. You can request from Spirit in many different ways, but we highly suggest you always ask for signs, confirmation and validation that you have been heard.

The moment you think something – already it is heard and understood in the divine realms. Most people – however – feel unable, unready and sometimes even unwilling to receive the answer to their request. The reason we suggest asking for real world, visible signs you have been heard is because many of you – in your human life experiences – have learned that your requests will go unanswered. WE emphasize that you learned this from your human peers, not from us, but you associate the two together. Most importantly this creates a false belief that you have not been heard by anyone.

To assist you most, we wish you to begin to hear yourselves. Listen to you. TO what you need, want and desire. To what you tell yourself, to what you hear from inside yourself. THIS is the key where the greatest changes can and will happen. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO MUST BEGIN TO LISTEN TO YOURSELVES. This will allow you to feel and see that you are indeed heard.

Just because you learned to ignore your needs, wants and desires does not mean that you must continue these behaviors. You can create change at any point in time. Simply you need the willingness to do things differently.

Listen to yourself.

Fulfill your own needs, wants and desires.

Open to seeing others are willing to do so too.

Allow yourself to experience the support of Spirit with you always.

For we ARE ALWAYS with you!