Understanding Personal Traits – Teachings from the Masters of Light

Masters of LightAt September’s Masters of Light Class we examined the concept of flaws – certain personal traits and characteristics that people consider negative or treat negatively about themselves. We learned that these flaws, when viewed through a different lens, may equally prove to be some of our best qualities.

Through the teachings we received in childhood, and reinforced by a combination of life experiences, we developed negative beliefs about ourselves. These negative beliefs prevent us from seeing the beauty of who we are – as we are. That phrase – as we are – is absolutely key. In this way, these traits are only ever interpreted as flaws and are never appreciated for having beneficial qualities.

We can all agree that there can be multiple perspectives and interpretations of the same given circumstances or situations. For example: If I take myself, it would be very easy to say that I tend to be a bit stubborn. This perspective is surely a negative way of looking at my behavioral patterns. However, another perspective might interpret this aspect of self as persistent, determined and persevering.

Stubbornness is definitely a negative quality when I use it against myself.  It can be used to prevent me from taking action that from an outside perspective is absolutely in my best interest. When I step back and try and see the beneficial qualities of this aspect of self, I  open a doorway into a new way of looking at and accepting myself in a deeper way.

My persistence, determination and perseverance were essential to my running for political office, surviving cancer, and achieving so much more in my life. If I only ever focus on the negative aspects of this quality, I prohibit myself from seeing and accepting my ability to keep going when the going gets tough. Amazingly enough, that is a quality I both need and want.

The Masters of Light, as usual, offered us the below tool to help shift our perspectives.

Tool: Understanding My Personal Traits in a Positive Light
Step 1: Observe what traits you think are negative about yourself.
Step 2: Consider the possibility this could be a positive trait if viewed differently.
Step 3: What would it look like if this were one of your best qualities? How would you describe these traits and qualities in a positive way?
Step 4: Look for examples in your life where these specific qualities were valuable.
Step 5: Continue to use these new positive words as you think about yourself.

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