Unleashing Your Natural Skills & Talents

Natural Skills TalentThe Guides provided a really powerful Tuesday’s Tip today. We created this blog post so they could elaborate further on this powerful topic that happens to include a conversation on power.


Power & Being Powerful

Power in its truest essence is a deep and full feeling of love. To feel powerful is to be fully connected with the source energy of Divine Love. There is no sense of fear, nor is there a sense of being more or less powerful than another. Your human experiences taught you to believe that power means a sense of control over another. This is a false sense of power.

Power in its truest experience is a strong sense of self. One that is open to sharing, is mutually beneficial and allows oneself to be him/herself. It means that a person is willing to experience him/herself on the same level playing field as others, thereby accepting her/his inherent equality. To do so a person must honor the skill set they have and acknowledge that each of us has a different, but equally important, position to play in life.


You Are All Team Players in the Game of Life!

In sports the goalie has specific skills, so they are adept at defending the goal. Other team players have different skills that serve them in their specific roles. This combination – when each person allows themselves to excel at their skill set – allows the team to succeed together. Each person needs to play their part and not interfere in or downplay the part of another person. The entire team grows stronger when each team member honors their position as well as honoring the vital role all other team members play.


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