Validating Your Feelings AND Fulfilling Your Needs

Your FeelingsAll feelings are valid.

They are not right or wrong, good or bad, they simply are present. The more you allow yourself to recognize a feeling for its presence, the easier it will become to move through and beyond any that feel uncomfortable.

Feelings do not define you. They do not represent the truth of who you are. Yet, when you attach beliefs to feelings, those beliefs will alter the way you define your perspective of yourself.

Paying attention to your feelings and identifying the disguised needs underneath that are calling for your attention is an important skill to develop. So often people learn to ignore or put aside feelings that don’t feel positive, yet, many times they are the ones that matter most. The feelings that are prominent are guiding you to understand yourself.

Helping you to reclaim a part of yourself that you may have learned was “bad.” Very often, negative feelings are associated with unfulfilled needs – and like feelings, needs are also ok. Everyone has many important needs. Basic ones like – water, food, rest – as well as more complex emotional needs.

Having needs does not make you weak, bad, or incapable – especially if they are complex emotional needs like support, comfort and understanding – these can be as vital to your overall well being as food and water.

You Are DivineUnfortunately, many people categorize their needs, judging them as either good, bad, acceptable or unacceptable according to what you were taught. If you were taught that the need for emotional support was unacceptable and was a sign of weakness – then you will never be able to ask for this support from others or from Spirit and this need will remain unfulfilled – the longer the need goes unfulfilled, the greater disguised feelings of weakness, incapability or “badness” become.

In essence the negative feelings grow exponentially, – it is not negative, it is simply the increased strength of the need. The longer the need goes unfulfilled – the stronger it becomes.

In the moment of acknowledging your feeling and the need you are demonstrating truth – you are a divine and capable being – able to validate your feelings and fulfill your own needs.

By both validating your feelings AND fulfilling your needs, you will begin to create new behavior patterns — easily guiding you to accept more support, love and guidance from others and all of your angelic helpers.