Hi! I’m Christi Maybo, The Inner Clarity Coach™

Ready To Propel Yourself Forward?

If so, you’re at the right place. This is where you learn how to free yourself from your past, understand how you function, and get out of your own way to become your B.E.S.T. Self™.

(Brain+Emotions+Soul Together) = B.E.S.T. Self™

My Inner Clarity Training & Coaching™ Services are intense, direct, and get straight to the heart of the matter. As a two-time cancer survivor, I don’t believe in wasting any precious time suffering, struggling, or sabotaging when there’s a better way!

Are you fed up with the way it is? Because you need to be. Seriously, if you haven’t met me yet – you’re in for a surprise. It’s gonna blow your mind when you realize how stifled you’ve been and weren’t aware. That’s because we’ll focus on the blindspots created by your past that are so normalized they’re hidden in plain sight.

What’s Going On Inside YOU?

That’s the key to everything around here. Doesn’t matter what’s going on outside or who said or did what. This is about you – how you feel, why you feel that way, how you think, and why that’s how you process information. No blame. No finger-pointing. No regret or remorse. Just owning responsibility and accountability for yourself and your life.

Bye bye Inner Clutter. Hello Clarity!

Imagine: You, trusting you. Clearly connected to your innermost wisdom. Sitting in the driver’s seat. Taking charge with confidence. Happy. Fulfilled. Making the positive impact you were born to.

No more self-doubt or second-guessing. Free from the stuck place that used to trap you. Empowered to be yourself, fully.

That’s the life-changing impact Inner Clarity Coaching™ makes. Without inner clutter in the way, you see yourself. The clear vision your Soul has of you. Not the reflection of your past experience or the impact of hurt. And because YOU accept you – other people see, hear, and understand you. You become unstoppable!

Empowered, filled with insight, inspiration, and plugged into your inner resources – ready to take on the world. That’s what happens when you own responsibility for how you feel. The helplessness, hopelessness, and powerless that was familiar – becomes a thing of the past.

That’s because you get the support you need! I’ll have your back, an infinite supply of tools and clarity to help you get to know yourself! We’re a team…and sometimes Pete pops in when we need his specialty. 

Doing it for yourself doesn’t mean doing it by yourself

I can’t do the inner work for you, but I can guide you through your blindspots and provide inside access to your Soul’s wisdom to make it easier and quicker. With my crystal clarity, you’ll propel yourself forward and make quantum leaps, instead of wasting precious time or getting stuck. Plus, with me in your cheering section to celebrate your wins, you’ll feel positive and motivated to keep charging forward. Let’s get you on the happier, brighter path your Soul sees you deserve.

What’s The Problem?

Let’s face it, if you knew what the actual problem was you’d have solved it already. Right now the problem is a blindspot to you – something you don’t know that you don’t know.

So if you’re feeling uncomfortable, awkward, or confused – I’m here to help you, help yourself. You’ll easily feel safe and comfortable sharing intimate details of your life with me because you won’t be judged or made wrong. Instead, together we’ll get to the core of what’s going on so you get the relief you need. Plus, I’ll be sure you have tools to help yourself take the next steps forward.

Besides, as you learn to build new muscles I’ll probably make you laugh with my quirky Christi-ways. That’s me…teaching in one of my costumes! Humor is one of my specialities to navigating emotions.

Repeating Patterns?

When you aren’t sure why you’re repeating a pattern, stuck, or unable to get where you want to go – those are all clues from your inner wisdom – (what I call the soul part of you) Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
that you need access to valuable assets hidden underneath all those messy feelings.

Were you aware that beneath that yuck are priceless parts of yourself that got lost along the way? Without them, of course you’ll feel stuck.

So we’ll need to talk about what you’ve been feeling to create a road map. And if you feel like you’ve opened up a jigsaw puzzle and have no idea how to fit the pieces together too, that’s okay.

I’m an expert at helping you organize all the pieces that feel overwhelming and disjointed inside. I naturally see the patterns, connections, and path your inner wisdom is pointing out. To you it may feel like emotional chaos – to me your feelings are essential clues guiding us right to the heart of the matter! 

Resources You May Not Be Aware Exist

Your Soul is the essence of you, as if it’s your inner eyes. Where your insight, innovation, ingenuity, and inner wisdom come from. It’s your best resource, but you may not be able to connect to it because of emotional clogs, or lack of knowledge about how. Since I was born with an innate ability to Speak Soul, I have access to your best resource to help you. That’s why working with me creates permanent changes at warp speed.

If you’re wondering, “How is it possible that I can hear your soul and you can’t?”  Then, we’re wondering the same thing! I can’t answer that.

All I can tell you is this is a skill I was born with and have spent a lifetime honing. Now, you need access to your inner wisdom. Otherwise you’re missing out on some essential traits.

Whether you work with me individually or in a group setting, I usually refer to my B.E.S.T. Self Process™: 

  1. First, your Brain has to be on Board. Because your brain is where all information is processed. Want to move forward? Then your brain has to be able to understand and accept the information.
  2. Then we investigate Emotional Blindspots to see what’s been blocked from your view. From there we address your Soul’s Inner Wisdom. This way you learn for yourself what’s been going on inside that you just weren’t aware of. 
  3. Lastly, you’ll get tools to practice with. Sometimes that’s for self-education, course correcting, or learning how to navigate forward in a better way.

You’ll be empowered to own personal authority for your life, so you learn how to get the answers you need from inside yourself. As I guide you through your inner landscape to help you make sense of yourself.

One note to keep in mind: I hone in with laser sharp focus directly to the problem, so I move at a very quick pace to get you through any messy feelings without getting stuck in them. Working together is a process of applying the tools and going deeper each and every time. My goal is for you to understand what’s going on inside your Self and to feel empowered to help yourself. 

Where To Begin?

I’m ready to move forward now! I want personalized attention to propel myself forward.  Starter Coaching Package.

I want to learn in a small group setting to familiarize myself with you and how you work. Join my weekly Zoom Class. Soul Connections

Oh and one more thing – you can only get it right around here. We toss wrong out the window. Each person is an individual and is intended to be that way!

Got questions? I’m Happy To Help!

If you have any questions or need more information, contact Christi directly. Call or text 267-263-2747. Email: Christi@ChristiInternational.com