What Am I In Alignment With?


When you feel stuck, or challenged, sometimes it is difficult to understand that you have aligned with something you no longer want to choose. Instead of questioning, blaming and being upset with yourself – Pause and simply observe that you are in alignment with suffering, struggle, drama and/or punishment. Acknowledging and accepting this as your present reality opens the doorway to change and different choices.


Exercise: Changing Your Alignment

To change your alignment, ask yourself the following questions:
♥ What would it look like to align with ease, grace and flourishing?
♥ What actions would I take?
♥ What thoughts would I think?
♥ What feelings would I feel?

Then allow yourself to align with this. Keeping in mind, whatever you are aligned with is what you are actively looking for.

To help you see how easy this can be. Try a one day experiment aligning with the color red.

When you are focused on looking for objects that are the color red, you will see more red. Simply because it is what you are looking for. Even though there are a multitude of other colors around you, you will automatically notice more of the one you are actively looking for. The same is true for all life experiences.

When you align with struggle you actively seek more of it. And when you align with ease and grace, you actively seek more of it.