What Are You Putting Into Your Browser?

When you go online and search the internet, you can find anything and everything. Good. Bad. And stuff you don’t even want to know exists.

It’s an easy concept to understand when we discuss searching the web, but today I want you to think about what’s going into your personal browser? Where are you held back because of the past and how does that impact your relationships?

Where Is Your Personal Browser Registering Past Data?

  • Do you get stuck in cycles of the same pattern?
  • Or go around in circles trying to figure out what’s there for you to learn?
  • Lastly, do you feel frustrated because… well, because you aren’t sure what the real problem is?

See what I did there? I spun the conversation to reveal the Truth, but it’s not something you were taught to look for. Underneath each sore spot where the past is influencing the present is a hidden treasure you need access to.


Your pain is the breadcrumbs guiding you right toward the problem.

Unfortunately without the right tools, you may not realize the emotional blindspot that’s hidden in plain sight is negatively impacting your life and relationships.

What’s familiar is so normal, it’s easy to miss the problems with it. That’s where emotional blindspots disguise better options from view and keep you recycling the same ole same ole. But when you begin to address the foundation of your Self, you’ll discover the The Truth looks completely different from what you expected.

It’s a lifetime process. Each time you’re moving forward your foundation needs another expansion. Personally, I’m still amazed by the nooks and crannies I continue to discover about my Self. The difference is, now I look forward to delving within because there’s no way I’m willing to allow any of my inner resources to remain hidden.

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