Pure Love In The Raw

What Quality of Love Have You Learned to Accept?

Fighting, blaming, and accusations fly faster than the latest military planes. And all of it stems from accepting poor quality of love. Love doesn’t hurt. Pain does. Love isn’t something to fear. Pain tells you that. And yet, people are afraid the other shoe will drop, that love will go away, or that they aren’t worthy of love. And it has to stop! You’re too precious and valuable to sell yourself that bullshit. It’s just not okay that love has become so warped and distorted.

Love is the answer to everything some people say.

Yet, when I listen to the challenges my clients face, the poor quality of love that’s become normalized is the actual problem. Addressing inner hurts is the only way to accept a better quality of love for ourselves from ourselves. Then, the purer love that we’re capable of experiencing can be shared with others. 

  • I know my dad loves me, but he doesn’t hear me or listen to what I’m saying.
  • I know my mom loves me, but I feel invisible. 
  • I know I’m loved, but I don’t feel supported.
  • I know my parents love me, but their fighting is tearing me apart.
  • I know my spouse loves me, but it hurts to be blamed and accused for everything that goes wrong.
  • I know my significant other loves me, but I feel so alone.
  • I know I’m a good person, so why can’t I find someone who loves me?
  • I know I’m a loving person, but it’s not enough to make my relationship work?

That’s what my clients tell me before we begin delving within to discover the real source of the problem. Inevitably it always comes down to the same issue – poor quality of love. Someone’s pain impacted the way they expressed and showed love. As a result, love became entangled with pain. Now those long-standing hurts look like communication problems, relationship struggles, and career stumbling blocks. 

Enough is enough! It’s time to elevate the quality of love people have learned to accept. 

Pure Love In The Raw: 
Conversations to Elevate Your Quality of Love

An Interactive Lecture Series To:

  • Learn how to address your triggers to accept a purer quality of love. 
  • Gain awareness of the real inner wounds that perpetuate pain.
  • Get crucial tools to help yourself heal and develop deeper bonds with loved ones.
  • Learn how to protect love instead of destroying it. 

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Monday, September 23 from 6:30-8:30 pm at my Doylestown office. Single Registration  OR Bring a Friend and Save.  

Monday, September 30 from 6:30-8:30 pm at Kaleidoscope Angels, email or call 610-689-3999 to register. 

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