What's Your Brain On Board With?

What’s Your Brain On Board With?

“You’ve got to get your brain on board!” You’ve heard me say that often. Because it doesn’t matter what information your soul has access to. If your brain can’t process it, you can’t either. That’s the trick with the brain. It’s function in many ways is counter-intuitive.


Soul = Access to infinite wisdom.

Brain= Access to information it’s been programmed with.

If it were that simple we’d all be smooth sailing. But here’s where complexity enters the picture – your brain filters out information so you can function. When it doesn’t you’re overloaded with stimulus.

Like right now your brain is focused on these words. So it’s blocking a lot of stuff going on around you. Close your eyes. Less stimulus. Open them and your brain focuses on a small area where you’re reading these words. Look up and there’s a lot more going on.

Information is deliberately being filtered out deliberately so you can focus. Function. And live. Blindspots are created. That means everyone has some mental areas where up is down. Left is right. Top is bottom. Because blindspots affect what’s perceived and how it’s perceived.

Ever get a message or intuitive sense about something? Share it. Then, find out the message was accurate but the interpretation was wrong? Or take action following a hunch only to discover you misinterpreted the meaning? It happens because your brain isn’t on board with your soul. And you don’t know it. Blindspot. So the interpretation was through a cloudy lens.

That’s what makes Soul Integration a process. One step at a time. Learning how to get your brain on board with the information your soul has access to. Clearing out blindspots. Creating new mental pathways. Deepening access to your soul.

Regardless if you use your soul’s wisdom professionally in the healing arts or in your personal life your brain’s got to be on board! Learning how to detect what your brain’s on board with, when it’s misinterpreting, and where you need a good mental stretch are foundational elements that everyone needs to understand.

What’s Your Brain On Board With?

Melding Mind & Soul for Clearer Communications

Join us for a Seminar at our Doylestown Office. We’ll cover:

  • 3 Clues to detect your brain isn’t on board with your soul.
  • 2 Tips to Stretch your mind so your brain can adapt to new information.
  • Discussion about where your misinterpretations get in the way.
  • Plus you’ll have the opportunity for hands on practical experiences to reveal your own blindspots.

Bring a notebook, a sense of humor and any questions. Please R.S.V.P. to reserve your spot.

Register now! Call or text 267-263-2747, or email christi@ChristiInternational.com


Date: Thursday, March 29
Time: 7:00-9:00 pm
Fee: $30


Penns Court
350 South Main Street
Suite 209, Lower Level
Doylestown, PA 18901