When The Truth Feels Scary

When The Truth Feels Scary

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us directly. But we’ve been very busy behind the scenes with Christi and Pete organizing and preparing for this new year because it’s a good one. A tough one. And most importantly one that’s going to ask you to stretch. Now before you read any fear or negativity into that…allow us to explain.

Humanity Is On The Brink Of Major Expansion

Humanity Is On Brink of ExpansionWhile many people haven’t liked what they see on the political front, what you can’t see is the wheeling and dealing going on behind the scenes to make changes that haven’t been made in decades. That kind of alteration is going to bring with it much discomfort. Reveal truths that the general population isn’t prepared for. And best of all – that news that you aren’t alone in the universe is going to take center stage this year.

Keep this in mind, you’ll need to shore up your ability for self-trust so that no one can deceive you. That’s the hardest part for all human beings. When you’ve been lied to. Learned to survive by deceiving yourself. Accepting deception. And didn’t have any inclination that Truth was absent. Hidden. Or tucked away. That’s when the Truth feels scary. Not because it is scary, but because the depth of the lies can be ugly.

Truth Isn’t Always Pretty

When you’ve been too busy thinking you were less than you are. Accepting you deserved treatment that wasn’t ever honorable or acceptable but it became normal, you’ll easily feel disrupted by the Truth.

Revealing The Veil Of Deception...It may feel heavy. Uncomfortable. Or bring a sense of discomfort because more was possible but you were accepting limitations under the disguise of freedom. And that dearest ones is going to be the theme of the year. Revealing the veil of deception to bridge a pathway to ultimate freedom. Not just on the physical, mental or emotional levels but on a soul level.

Beginning in February, we’re going to be rolling out a program that you can attend online anywhere specifically dedicated to Finding Your Own North Star. If you aren’t crystal clear in how your soul is guiding you at every angle, then you’ll have a difficult time trusting yourself. And you need to trust you!

You need to understand when your soul’s guidance is present and when your emotional clutter is getting in the way. You also need to have full clarity about what it means to: understand your purpose, who you are, and what your personal role is in the planetary shift we discussed. Because it’s not what you think.

3 Common Misconceptions People Are Stuck In

  1. I don’t know who I am
  2. I can’t figure out my purpose
  3. I’m afraid I won’t accomplish it.

If you’ve been thinking any of those, you’ll need this program. Because knowing who you are is the foundation for understanding your purpose. If you can’t recognize what it is, how will you know if you’ve already been accomplishing it?

No egos. No arrogance. No big heads. No grandiose ideas. No thinking you’re better than anyone else or more advanced. None of that is welcome.

Instead humility. Gentleness. Openness. And Love are the key ingredients to this program.

Coming Soon!

Finding Your Own North StarSoul Advancement: Finding Your Own North Star

You’ll be learning how to be in integrity with your soul. It’s an intensive adventure for those who aren’t willing to settle for the status quo and want to delve as deeply within as possible.

Each week, we’ll address a different topic, provide tips, tools and exercises to practice. Then, you’ll email your experiences and progress, so we can ensure your individual soul advancement. Group time will be dedicated to learning, sharing and connecting about each week’s new concept. Classes will be recorded so you can re-watch or participate at a time that works with your schedule. It’s as convenient as possible!

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  1. Sounds awesome! Looking forward to more details.

  2. Ok let me know when….thanks

    Beth Ciangiulli January 10th, 18 at 2:31pm
  3. Good to hear from you. I’ll be watching for your emails

    Kimberley Wolfe January 10th, 18 at 7:28pm