Who Are YOU?

Who Are You? What Is Your Perception?

How close is your personal perception of who you are to the Truth?

Interesting question, huh? Through our life experiences we learn through repetition what behavior will earn us approval, validation and acceptance. In fact our perceptions of who we are are altered at such an early age, we can’t comprehend that it happened let alone understand the long term effect on us.

Who are you? What is your perception?Who Are YOU?

In the eyes of Source you are a miracle to behold. A masterpiece. Extraordinary. Capable of amazing feats. Wise, understanding, compassionate, loving, kind. Essential to Humanity. Unique. One-of-a-kind. Wondrous.

What Is Your Perception?

How does it feel reading those words about you? Does it feel all warm and fuzzy? Are you arguing with yourself about it? What emotions, thoughts and feelings does this trigger?

Ok, that’s your clue. Whatever you experience is a clue about how close your own definition is to the truth based on what you perceive.

  • Have you made mistakes? Sure, who hasn’t?
  • Have you done the wrong thing? Sure, who hasn’t?
  • Have you wished you did something different? Sure, who hasn’t?

Getting the idea? We are all amazing despite our flaws, our mistakes and our imperfections. We learn, we make new choices and we forge ahead. But what happens when we hold ourselves hostage to the past and lack forgiveness for having made a mistake, or getting something wrong?

We become angry, bitter, resentful and overtime our own perception of self is altered. The more our perception of self is altered, the more we learn to justify our thoughts, actions and behaviors, prove that we are correct and defend ourselves. It is not a pretty picture when we are in the thick of our pain.

Christi Shares…

For the first few years after we were married, when Pete got home from work, he would ask me what I did during the day. All too often, he would  cut me off and say, “I’m not asking you to defend yourself. I missed you and want to know how your day was.” My own feelings of ‘not enough’ were completely clouding how I heard his question. Unfortunately when we take something personal we all make the same mistake because we are defining ourselves based on incorrect information.

Just because we feel something negative, like ‘not being enough,’ ironically doesn’t make it truth. It only means it is how we feel, which clouds our ability to perceive the truth. 

THIS WEEK’S #Self4World CHALLENGE: Perception 

Practice Exercise

  • Pay attention to how and when you internalize or personalize interactions.
  • Find another perspective. What if someone else’s response had nothing to do with you, what could it be about instead?
  • Look for the best in “self” and others.

Be sure to watch this week’s video it has an experiment to try out!

Post A “Selfie”

Let us know how the exercise impacts you. What you are learning? Are you observing more of the best in your “self” and others?

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