With Deepest Gratitude

Celebrating 5 Years of ServiceDearest Precious Ones,

It is with our deepest gratitude, we express our thanks that you allow us into your lives, into your hearts and open your arms to embrace our love. Each and every day on Earth is a precious gift to cherish and treasure simply because you are alive. It offers another opportunity to share yourself, your gifts and your love, to leave your personal mark on a planet which needs you – exactly as you are.

Today, is a day of celebration and with that in mind we ask you to pause and feel our loving grace.

  • Close your eyes and pause a moment to feel the depth of blessings bestowed upon you.
  • Experience the love of the Creator and the Source of All That Is – so that you may drink in the love your soul needs for replenishment.
  • Allow a rainbow light to envelop you. As you embrace this loving presence, allow it to fill you with the Grace of the Divine, with the Magic of Creation and most importantly with the Love that reminds you of Home.

Tuck this energy into every crevice of your being, so that this token reminder can inspire you to charge forward sharing the love that is natural to you.

You are needed for all that you are and all that you are not. For the beauty that you exude and the fullness that you are capable of. Be you – truly, authentically, completely.

And so it is Dearest Hearts. We are with you always.


With our Deepest Love, Admiration and Respect,

Always in Divine Love and Grace.

We are that we are.