You Are Your Biggest Obstacle


The one who sabotages you more than anyone else could ever get in your way, is you.

Yes, that right. You, are the one preventing your success, your happiness and your own joy.

Not that this is what you want to hear today – but unless we point it out to you, you will go on believing something else is true.

The good news is – if you are your biggest obstacle, the power to create change rests in your own hands!

This means you gotta pay attention to when and how you sabotage. There’s a lot we could say about this and we are working on that one behind the scenes with Pete and Christi – but for today – you gotta begin to notice one thing you do to sabotage yourself.

If you can catch just one single, little, tiny way you sabotage yourself – you are golden! Yep, that’s right, golden. It takes the first tug on a ball of twine to unravel it. Just that first tug, begins the process of unraveling. Pushing the first domino puts the rest in motion.

You just need one to get things moving!

3-Steps to Discover Your First Domino

  1. When you look in the mirror, notice one thing positive you can say about yourself. While looking at yourself, observe the ease or difficulty that presents itself. That’s it.
  2. When you eat lunch, um…you do eat lunch, right? If not, your body needs fuel, so be sure to feed it. Ok, at lunch, say one thing about yourself that you are grateful for and again notice the ease or difficulty in doing so. That’s it.
  3. Before bed, thank God, Spirit, your Guides, or your parents for giving you life. It doesn’t matter who you thank, only that you thank someone for giving you life, for making your life possible. Then, notice how that feels to give thanks for your own life.

Each of these three simple and basic steps provide awareness about your depth of self-appreciation. Now you are armed with knowledge about where you can deepen your self-appreciation.

Practicing more self-appreciation will reveal blindspots where sabotage took the place of self-support.

See, you are golden! Simple steps can powerfully reveal blindspots about things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Like the hidden gem, you didn’t realize was there.

Friendly Reminder – You are the hidden gembut you are hidden from yourself!

We see your brilliance all the time, you can’t hide it from us!

With Deepest Love, Admiration and Respect,
The Guides


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  1. Thanks so much for the guidance! BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new redesigned website! The colors are great!! Love, Kathy