Your Dreams Are Meant To Be Achieved – That’s Why They ARE YOUR Dreams!

  • You Are Capable of More

The dreams of your heart are there because your heart and soul are fully aware that you have the skills, talents and abilities to bring those dreams to fruition.

BUT – where many people get stuck is by getting in their own way. Instead of harnessing the power of your choices, whereby utilizing your free will to your benefit, people tend to pause and insert challenges.

Some ways people get in their own way include:

  • Negative self speak
  • Defeatist attitudes
  • Lack of internal support
  • Or the worst by far – doubt in oneself that leads to self-hatred.

Use This Technique To Get Out Of Your Own Way:

  1. You gotta notice you are in your way in the first place – Awareness that a problem exists is the first key.
  2. With that under your belt, pause and ask yourself – what is the benefit to me of getting in my own way? You gotta see the impact of what you are doing to yourself, in order to WANT to chose a new way.
  3. Become a champion of yourself. Find at least 3 examples of success in your life, where you were living out loud, when you shined, when you felt like you were fully you.

Armed with those examples – you can use them to guide yourself through any doubt when it arises, simply by reminding yourself of when you were successful in the past.

After all, if you were successful then – OF COURSE you can be again! Support yourself with gentle love, passion and full on inspiration.

Examples of Self-Support:

  • (insert your name) you totally have this one!
  • I know you are feeling doubtful, scared or afraid, BUT (insert your name)you can do it!
  • I have full faith in your ability to shine (insert your name).
  • I believe in you (insert your name)

Using your name is very important so that you can begin to mentally associate yourself with achievement of your dreams and goals. Keep up the great progress! Each step forward is an accomplishment worthy of praise!

With Deepest Love and Gratitude,
We Are With You ALWAYS!