Your Soul Sees What You Overlook

Your Soul Sees What You Overlook

There’s a major difference between how you perceive yourself and the way your soul understands your true innate value. Your view of yourself and your life has been distorted by your experiences. While your soul recognizes you have immeasurable worth. Simply because you’re you.

6 Differences In Perception

  1. You see your flaws and mis-steps. Whereas your soul recognizes you’re learning so you’re guaranteed to make mistakes. 
  2. You see hurt, pain and struggles while your soul sees opportunities to unlearn punishing behavior patterns that are blocking your innate knowledge. 
  3. You perceive other people as the source of angst and upset but your soul identifies inner turmoil as the root cause. 
  4. You feel helpless, alone and isolated when your soul is fully aware you always have support, companionship and guidance. 
  5. You think you can’t move forward but your soul recognizes inner limitations and blindspots that need to be addressed because they’re in your way. 
  6. You feel like a seed blown in the wind. Yet your soul acknowledges YOU are the wind blowing the seeds. 

Lastly if you aren’t aware of your soul or what it’s capable of – you also won’t be aware of how limited your view of life has been.

If you’re hurting or struggling – you need clarity to differentiate between your perception and the Truth your soul has access to. Let us help you decipher and unclog the blocks keeping you stuck.